Being A Part of A Life Changing Team

Alyssa Torre
Alyssa showing off her national champion dance team jacket. (Photo By: Nicole Damico, Towson University student.)

Alyssa Torre, A Towson University student, began dancing at a young age. She trained for years, becoming a competitive dancer. As she continued her training in college, she never imagined she would be a part of the national championship winning Towson University Dance Team, where she has not only made life-long friends, but she has also grown and learned so much more than she ever believed she would.

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Future Plans for College Campuses Cause Hassle Now

Construction outside of Van Bokkelen on Towson University Campus (Photo by: Nicole Damico)

Towson University is constantly changing and growing, but the construction on campus can cause problems for current students who need to change their routes to class when the construction blocks their current route. Here is a story about the construction on campus.

Just Getting Over It Is Not That Easy


(Sertraline is an anti-anxiety medication. Photo by: Nicole Damico)

Lauren Gil, 20, had finished her first semester as a freshman at Towson University. She survived finals week and the stress of being a first semester freshman on a D1 dance team. She was now able to sit back and enjoy the holiday season. Lauren had no school work to worry about and tough dance practices were the last thing on her mind. She was finally able to say she survived a few months on her own for the first time.

As Lauren sat in bed watching Netflix on one of the first nights of winter break, all of the sudden she felt her throat closing up. She began to hyperventilate and rushed to the bathroom. The sudden wave of fear rushed over her and she had no idea what to do. When she was finally able to catch her breath and calm down, Lauren had no idea what to do or what had just happened. Later on Lauren realized that she had suffered from her first anxiety attack, something she now deals with all the time. Read more

Getting to Know a Physical Therapist Assistant


Helen is helping a patient strengthen her shoulders after an injury (Photo By: Nicole Damico/TU Student).

Helen is a Physical Therapist Assistant. She works with young and old patients helping them recover after injuries. She also teaches people how to prevent future injuries. In this video we learn a little about Helen and why she first wanted to be in the profession.




Jenn Ragusa is a student at Towson University and was interviewed about her life and future plans (Taken By: Nicole Damico/TU student).

To learn some interesting things about Jenn Ragusa I sat down with her and asked her to tell me a little about herself. She told me about some of her interests, hobbies and what she plans to do in the future.

The Causes and Effects of Human Ignorance


Pennsylvania State Professor of Philosophy shares his work on human ignorance at the 2017 Ian Moor Memorial Lecture at Towson University (Photo By: Nicole Damico.)

A Pennsylvania State Professor of Philosophy spoke the problems of racism and slavery and the aftermath of the institutions in his speech about white ignorance at Towson University Wednesday night. Read more


I chose this photo of a storm coming through because it shows depth and I believe it has an interesting viewpoint. Your eyes are drawn to the island towards the center of the picture, but the storm clouds and small opening of sunlight in the distance also draw attention. IMG_0723.JPGI chose this picture of the tiger in front of Stephen’s Hall because of the angle it is at. I like how up close the photo is. I think it draws your eye right to the tiger. The photo also crops out the background that is not supposed to be the main focus of the picture, making it obvious that the eye is supposed to go right to the tiger.IMG_2075.jpg

I chose this portrait because I think your eyes are drawn right to my face. I do not blend into the background at all which could detract from the picture. The photo also, like the tiger picture above uses cropping so there is no unnecessary background to draw focus away from my face.

Journalists and Social Media

40% of journalists say that social media is an important part of their work.

Andrea Peterson wrote an article for The Washington Post about journalists use of social media to collect and report news.

Peterson wrote that a study from Indiana University surveying 1,080 journalists online shows the increase of use of social media for journalists in the past few years. Some of these journalists said they spend between 30 and 60 minutes everyday on social media to not only collect news and report it, but to also see what their competitors are reporting about. The most common type of social media used by journalists was microblogs such as twitter. Many of the journalists said that social media was not only a way to report news quicker, it was also a way to self-promote.

I agree with this article completely. I believe journalists now-a-days are using social media as much as they can to collect and report news. I believe it is a good way for them to know their audience and get their work out their quickly. I also agree that many journalists use social medias like twitter the most to report their stories because it is quick and efficient

First Blog Post


My name is Nicole Damico. I am a sophomore at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. When I am not in school I live at home with my parents and two brothers in northern New Jersey. I am a mass communications major with a track in journalism and media. I also am apart of the Towson University dance team. I am hoping to one day become part of a production team for a big news company, but I would also like to keep dancing in my future. In my free time, when I am not in school or dancing, I like to draw and paint. I am also a big sports fan, but especially enjoy baseball. I also love animals and hope to travel around the world one day to see many different animals. This is day one of my blog and I am excited for you to read more.