40% of journalists say that social media is an important part of their work.

Andrea Peterson wrote an article for The Washington Post about journalists use of social media to collect and report news.

Peterson wrote that a study from Indiana University surveying 1,080 journalists online shows the increase of use of social media for journalists in the past few years. Some of these journalists said they spend between 30 and 60 minutes everyday on social media to not only collect news and report it, but to also see what their competitors are reporting about. The most common type of social media used by journalists was microblogs such as twitter. Many of the journalists said that social media was not only a way to report news quicker, it was also a way to self-promote.

I agree with this article completely. I believe journalists now-a-days are using social media as much as they can to collect and report news. I believe it is a good way for them to know their audience and get their work out their quickly. I also agree that many journalists use social medias like twitter the most to report their stories because it is quick and efficient



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