I chose this photo of a storm coming through because it shows depth and I believe it has an interesting viewpoint. Your eyes are drawn to the island towards the center of the picture, but the storm clouds and small opening of sunlight in the distance also draw attention. IMG_0723.JPGI chose this picture of the tiger in front of Stephen’s Hall because of the angle it is at. I like how up close the photo is. I think it draws your eye right to the tiger. The photo also crops out the background that is not supposed to be the main focus of the picture, making it obvious that the eye is supposed to go right to the tiger.IMG_2075.jpg

I chose this portrait because I think your eyes are drawn right to my face. I do not blend into the background at all which could detract from the picture. The photo also, like the tiger picture above uses cropping so there is no unnecessary background to draw focus away from my face.


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